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501(c)3 received 1996

New Mexico

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Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

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The Art Has Heart Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the goal of providing college and university scholarships to high school students from low to moderate income families. This giving is furthermore targeted to students who may be adversely impacted by geography, familiy circumstances, or other challenges.


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the certified charities at  If you are no familiar with this wonderful site, you should take a momemt or two to check it out.  The site has been responsible for helping organizations and individuals raise over $390.000.000 (yes, $390 million dollars.  There are opportunities for folks like yourself to support causes as diverse as health, education, human services, religious, and countless others along with individuals raising funds for animals, college tuition, and medical expenses, among others.  We will soon have a link to the Art Has Heart Foundation page at  We are in the process of conducting a campaign to raise funds for three students we wan to provide scholarships to that are not currently funded. is another secure way to support charitable giving and we are very pleased to be part of their great work.

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Legacy XIV Wrap-up & Legacy XV


Well, our Legacy XIV was a success.  We are already working hard on Legacy XV and we hope to make it special because it is an anniversary year.  We will soon announce the featured artist and we have other ideas that we are pursuing for this special event.  Next year's event will be a week earlier than usual.  We have always had some pressure to move the event off Mother's Day weekend and next year, we will do just that.  Hopefully, it will be as successul always or even more so. 

A BIG thank you to everyone who participated in Legacy XIV.  We start off by thanking our generous patrons whose support is especially crucial.  We thank those patrons who traveled to be with us as well as those who are local.  The number in attendance was down a bit from previous years but the amount of buying was way up.  We also thank the 100+ artists and the gallery owners who donated incredible art for the event,  Without them, there is no event! We thank our sponsors who help to underwite this event and we give a special shout to the Pueblo of Sandia who really worked with us this year to keep costs down.

Finally, we thank our celebnties who always make this event special.  Thanks to Tish Hinojsa, Chris Wall, Robert David Hall, David Berman, Mike Moroff, and Jon & Whitney Wellner for their participation and extraordinary energy.  They were wonderful in every way.

Blessings and best wishes to all.


The Legacy 2014 Website is Published.


Please check out the Legacy 2014 website at   We will be adding more content as we move toward the event especially the art for auction.  If you are interested in tickets or tables, please call 505-831-8406 or 505-890-4695. 

Pictured below are Jessica, a scholarship student at Central New Mexico Community College and Mikayla, a scholarship student ar Fort Lewis Coillege, both reminders of what Legacy is all about.


Subaru Share the Love Campaign & Art Has Heart


Some months ago, I posted that Art Has Heart was selected by Subaru America as one of 20 local charities across the United States to participate in the Share the Love campaign sponsored the company.  We were nominated for this honor by Galles Davis Motors in Albuquerque and a very good friend of the foundation, Lawton Davis. 

Eight days ago, JB Pena represented Art Has Heart at the presentation of the check.  I am sure many of you will enjoy seeing some pictures that were taken that day.  It was a honor for us to have been chosen and we want to publically thank Subaru America, Mr. Davis, and the sales team at Galles Davis for ther incredible support. 




Tish Hinojosa & Chris Wall to Entertain at Legacy XIV


In addition to interaction with celebrities (see below), Legacy is known for great art at great prices, many artists in attendance, and some wonderful entertainment.  That will be no different this year because the we have Tish Hinojosa to entertain.  Tish has the most wonderful voice and her songs are rich and vibrant and she delivers them with style and grace.  We are fortunate to have her.  Tickets are $50/person.  Call Mike at 505-890-4695 for additional information and/or tickets.   Here are links to two of her musical performances:


Chris Wall has also been added to the entertainment cast for Legacy.  We are thrilled to have Chris agree to be with us.  Chris is the epitome of Texas country music.  If you click on the videos below, you will see what I mean.  This is shaping up to be one of best Legacy Art Albuquerque events ever.