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Video Link to the Pena Documentary (seven minutes):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEEs7mJXHFw


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The Art Has Heart Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the goal of providing college and university scholarships to high school students from low to moderate income families. This giving is furthermore targeted to students who may be adversely impacted by geography, familiy circumstances, or other challenges.


Some Great Art Shared with And Benefiting Art Has Heart 


Everybody on our email list received a recent email highlighting some art that has, in part, been donated to us.  The donor wants a small amount out of each piece but the primary benefit goes to Art Has Heart and our students. 

In the email, size restricted us so we could only show one photo of each and not all off the donations.  On this post, we can do a little better so here are the total of the artworks available.

There is some wiggle room on the price of each piece so if you are interested, just let me know.  A buyer would complete two seperate financial transactions.  One would go to the donor as an art purchase and one would go to Art Has Heart as a straight tax deducitble donation.  

Here are the artworks:

Click here to view PDF with more information>>


For more information, email: mike_dvlt@yahoo.com or call 505-890-4695


Annual Fund Drive & Giveaway #5 from today (11/17) through December 21st.

As those of you who follow this website know, each year at Christmas and Valentine's Day, we offer our generous donors a chance to win some nice artwork.  This year, it is our hope to have multiple winners.  We will start our Annual Fund Drive on November 17th and conclude it on December 21st.

The giveaway will follow the exact same format of the prior ones.  The two items that are available right now include a great signed and numbered large serigraph by Malcolm Furlow and this beautiful one-of-a-kind ceramic vase that Amado did this past weekend (see below).  The pictures show the vase before it is fired so the colors look matte but it will sparkle after it is fired.

 All you have to do to be part of the drawing is make a tax deductible donation Art Has Heart.  You can do that by following the donation prompts (giving) on the frontage and use PayPal of print the donor form and mail.  The donation can be of any amount.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

 Click image to view full size:



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You Are Invited ..................... American Museum of Ceramic Art



This is just a reminder of the upcoming American Museum of Ceramic Art exhibit featuring Amado Pena and Rich Lopez beginning on September 13th.  Here is the invitation and if you are in the area, please stop by and enjoy the exhibit.






American Museum of Ceramic Art to Showcase Exhibit by Amado Pena and Rich Lopez



 Beginning Saturday, September 13th, the American Museum of Cermaic Art in Pamona, California will host an outstanding exhibit of ceramic art at the Museum of Ceramic Art.  Amado has been working on this exhibit for over a year and has produced, in conjunction with Rich Lopez, some incredible pieces of ceramic art.  Some of the artwork for the exhibit is presented on this page. 

If you are in the Pamona area or can make the trip there, I am sure you and yours will be treated to a wonderful art experience.  If you have questions about exhibit times and when Amado and Rich will be prsent to greet the public, I urge you to call the museum at 909-865-3146.  You can also check the museum website at www.amoca.org 


Art Has Heart is now Listed among ..............................


the certified charities at gofundme.com.  If you are not familiar with this wonderful site, you should take a momemt or two to check it out.  The site has been responsible for helping organizations and individuals raise over $390.000.000 (yes, $390 million dollars.  There are opportunities for folks like yourself to support causes as diverse as health, education, human services, religious, and countless others along with individuals raising funds for animals, college tuition, and medical expenses, among others.  We will soon have a link to the Art Has Heart Foundation page at gofundme.com.  We are in the process of conducting a campaign to raise funds for three students we wan to provide scholarships to that are not currently funded.  gofundme.com is another secure way to support charitable giving and we are very pleased to be part of their great work.

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