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Video Link to the Pena Documentary (seven minutes):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEEs7mJXHFw

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Welcome to the Art Has Heart Foundation. The Art Has Heart Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the goal of providing college and university scholarships to high school students. Give us a call today and we can discuss how you can help enable the future of our students! 




GIVEAWAY # 8 James Tsoodle Original


This is the James Tsoodle original that we will be giving away to one lucky winner on February 29th (yes, it's leap year).  To learn more about James and see more of his work, please check out his website at www.jamesdtsoodle.com.  To enter this giveaway, just make a tax deductible donation to the Art Has Heart Foundation at the"giving" link on top of this page.  We thank you for your participation and support.  We really appreciate all of you!








We would like to congratulate the winner of our contest:

Dennis Heitzmann

(from State College, PA)




Giveaway #7 Thanksgivng & Christmas 2015














This is the 7th giveaway sponsored by the Art Has Heart Foundation.  This time, we have donations from both Amado & JB Pena.  This giveaway will last from November 2 to December 16th and the winner will be drawn on that day with our goal to have both items to the winner by Christmas.  JB's wonderful handmade wrap is a one-size fits all garment made especially for this giveway.  Amado's plate is an orignal painting on ceramic.  It has the Pena imagery on the front and it is painted black on the back.

We have changed one rule of our giveaways in response to comments we have received in the past.  Donations and entries will be computed on a $10 basis.  If you make a tax deductible donation of $10 or less, you will have one entry into the drawing.  If you donate $50, you will have five entries and for a $100, you will be entered 10 times.  Any $5 donation will be rounded up to the next $i0 increment.

You may use the "Giving" link above to access PayPal to make your tax deducitble donation or send your donation to Art Has Heart, PO Box 57045, Albuquerque, NM 87187-7045.  Another comment we have heard previously is the time is too short and we have rectified that and, yes, you can donate more than one time if that fits with your financial circumstances.

I am personally pleased that we have an item by both Amado and JB and hope you are, as well. If you have any questiions, feel free to email tham to me.







$4000 Challenge...................$2,650 Raised = 66.3% of Goal/11 Hours to Go



I want to keep everybody updated on our progress-to-date regarding the $4000 Challenge. I will do this daily so here goes:




August 3 -  $190.00

August 4 -    650.00 

August 5 -      35.00

August 6 -    100.00

August 7 -    200.00

August 8 -    200.00

August 9 -      20.00

August 10       50.00

August 11     500.00

August 12       50.00

August 13     325.00

August 14     125.00

August 15       65.00

August 16     100.00

August 17       40.00



$4000 Challenge ... Now Until August 17th....Your Help is Appreciated and Needed!



On July 29th, I picked up the phone and received a generous offer; one we had never received before today.  The person on the other end of the line was a longtime supporter of Art Has Heart and wanted to challenge our donors and myself.

The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, will match every donation we receive from today through August 17th dollar-for-dollar up to a maximum donation of $4000.  As noted, we have never received such a gift but I am hopeful we can maximize its full potenial, which would be $8000.  These funds will go into scholarships for the 2015-2016 academic year and we have plenty of worthy applicants so distribution of the funds will not be duifficult.

The only restriction the donor placed on this effort was that we could not treat this as a raffle. as we often do, and offer a prize.  This is strictly donation based.  You can certainly use PayPal (at the "giving" link above) or send you check so it arrives by the 17th of August.  If you have any questions, please call me at 505-890-4695.   All donations are tax deductible.

Blessings, Best wishes. and thanks.