In Loving Memory

We remember our dedicated friends and supporters throughout the years.



Please join the Art Has Heart Foundation community in remembering the life of Holly Dunn. Holly has been an active member of Art Has Heart and served on our Board of Directors. We extend our sympathy to her loved ones and wish them peace and love.


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We are saddened by the loss of a philanthropic community leader who supported Legacy Art Albuquerque & Art Has Heart for many years. We are thankful for the partnerships and artists she brought to the event. We extend our sympathy to her friends and family.


pablo milan

The art community lost a true friend and supporter of the arts and education. He gave generously year after year to Legacy Art Albuquerque & Art Has Heart Foundation. We will miss his humor and presence. He will be in our thoughts and prayers. 



We remember Red Ryder (the character) portrayed by Dave Saunders as a true friend and supporter. We will miss his charm and his Red Ryder attire. He had a special touch on the Legacy Art Albuquerque events.

Mayor Abraham.jpg

Larry Abraham

We are saddened by the sudden death of our friend and supporter, Larry. He was an art collector extraordinaire and admired Amado M. Pena's art work - so much so, that he dedicated a room in his home called "The Hall-a-Pena" (Jalepena...). We appreciate his support of Legacy Art Albuquerque & Art Has Heart through the years. 


Dave Moran

We will miss Dave Moran. He was a talented member of the Legacy All Star Band. Year after year, the band performed after hours at Nativo Lodge during our fundraisers. Artists and collectors enjoyed the commemoratory and fun.


Harvey Johnson

Harvey Johnson was a huge supporter and friend of Art Has Heart. We mourn his loss this past summer, at his home in El Paso, Texas. He loved attending the Legacy events and was an avid collector of many artists. To his tribute, a major part of his collection has been donated to Austin Community College.